Top Tips


  1. Top Tips_Feature_Image_1Stables are permanent, but may not have lighting. You may wish to bring a torch or additional portable lighting for your stables.
  2. There is a fully licensed cafeteria on site serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have any special dietary requirements please contact The College Equestrian Centre event office to discuss these.
  3. There is a very large collecting ring outside the main arena. You may bring your own gazebos to stand your horse under in case of adverse weather conditions. We recommend that you bring your bring a portable lighting unit in order to provide additional lighting for the evening performance.
  4. There will be no indoor collecting areas inside the main arena Also it would be advised to bring portable lighting for your gazebos for the evening performance!
  5. The secretary’s office is located in the main arena inside the main arena.
  6. The secretary's office will be open from 8:00AM until the last performance of the evening is complete for the duration of the show.
  7. Male and female changing rooms and toilets are located on the ground floor of the main arena building.
  8. In order to ensure you have the correct bedding in stables allocated to you, please contact the venue event office. The show and show staff are not responsible for stabling.
  9. Please ensure you have enough handlers for your horses, it’s going to be a busy show!
  10. There will be outside commentary, but no commentary call up for classes. It is your responsibility as a competitor to ensure that you arrive in time for competition classes before the performance begins. There will be an outdoor steward to assist you with any class timing queries.
  11. There are allocated spectator areas. These are located in the cafeteria, and a grandstand for seating.
  12. It is YOU the participators that make a show! Please remember to take some time out to enjoy the show and watch a few classes, cheer on your friends! The more the noise and cheering the better the fun!!!
  13. Evening performances will not end earlier than 11:00PM, prepare for long days; however a long day will mean a fun day and a great evening!
  14. Please ensure that you obtain the number of the allocated stable for your horses before you arrive at the venue in order to minimise any unnecessary delays in stabling your horses. This is even more so important if you are planning to arrive late (evening) to the venue.
  15. If your horse has to go, please respect the venue and pick up after it!
  16. Please do not use paint / black polish on your horse’s feet in any tarmac areas.
  17. Please familiarise yourself with location of the rings you will be competing. All rings will be clearly marked. If you have any questions please ask for help from one of the show officers.
  18. On certain days competitions will take place in 3 outdoor rings in addition to the main indoor arena, please be prepared for all-weather conditions.
  19. Competitors are advised to wear an evening dress / suit for all evening performances.
  20. And last but not least... prepare for the show, as a holiday, have fun, and bring lots of friends! We want to make this the equestrian holiday of the year.