Showcase of Champions 2016 Judge Amendment

SoC Logo_3_web_no_edgesIt is unfortunate that owing to personal circumstances Miss A. Yates can no longer Judge at Showcase of Champions in 2016. Miss A. Yates will judge at Showcase of Champions in 2017.

Therefore we would like to inform competitors that Mr. G. Parr will be judging the Open Shetland Classes, American Blend Section, Showcase of Champions Handler Championship, Showcase of Champions Supreme Shetland Pony Championship, In-Hand Section*, Showcase of Champions Miniature Horse & Shetland Coloured Championship, Amateur In-Hand Handler Section, Showcase of Champions Supreme Maxi Horse Championship*, and Showcase of Champions Supreme Miniature Horse Championship* competitions.

For the full list of the 2016 Showcase of Champions Show judges please see the list here.

* Section/competitions will be judged by a group of judges